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About Us

We are a design and build firm.

Whether you’ve purchased a new build that needs to be finished, you need a complete interior re-design, or you simply want to change one room within your home, Home by Raiya can design and furnish any property from top to bottom. As industry experts in interior design, our team of skilled experts can help with everything from kitchen designs, flooring to bathrooms and windows. We take away the stress of working with several contractors, providing you with everything you need to re-vamp your home, bringing your dream design to life.

Creating the Industries Most Exciting Aesthetics

Rather than conforming to industry trends, we use a tailored approach to design and implement bespoke designs. We have made it our goal to create beauty at every level, starting from the bottom and finishing on the top. With over 15 years of industry experience, our experts have worked on everything from classical wooden designs, to modern contemporary finishes. With this experience behind us, we’re confident in our ability to complete your project to the highest standards.

Combining Design with Tech

The industry of interior design has changed dramatically over the last few decades. Tech innovations have allowed designers to bring concepts to life before they’re acted upon. This is exactly what we offer at Home by Raiya. Utilizing industry-leading 3D rendering, we create models of your design so that you can visualize it. Before any project, we use this tech to design several options for you to choose from, tweaking the final design to match your preferences. This includes everything from the tiles used and paint color, right down to your cabinet choice. Leaving no stone unturned, we make sure the design is perfect for you before getting started.

For more information about our services, check out our website or give us a call directly.

We Are the Leading of Interior Design Company