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Interior Design and Remodeling Services in Glenside: Make your home a better place

Bored of the existing look of your place or wish to get your dream home designed from scratch? Luxury and comfort are the two most important things to have in a home and experiencing luxury does not just come by having great furniture but with the right details of the interior design job.

Getting the interior design or the kitchen & Bathroom design & remodeling services in Glenside from an expert can be the best way to bring your home expectations to life. A supportive and co-ordinating interior designer can be flexible at hearing the client out and works with keeping their demands as the base of their design.

Homes By Raiya- The Best Interior Design Services in Glenside

Interior design services involve the planning and implementation of a design plan for the interior of a home or office space. This usually includes the selection of furniture, fabrics, accessories, art, and other decorative elements. Interior designers consider the function of the space, the needs of the occupants, and the aesthetics of the overall design. They also work with contractors, architects, and other professionals to ensure that the design plan is implemented correctly. Interior design services often include budgeting, project management, and other related services.

Interior design services typically include the following: 

  • Advice on layout, furniture selection, colour schemes, and other design elements 
  • Creation of sketches, drawings, and plans to present ideas 
  • Assistance with purchasing furniture, fabrics, and other design elements 
  • Coordination of contractors and vendors 
  • Consultation with architects and other professionals 
  • Installation of furniture, fixtures, and other design elements 
  • Inspection of construction work 
  • Monitoring of budgets and timelines 
  • Regular follow-up to ensure satisfaction with the project 
  • Presentation of the completed design.

When looking for the best interior design services in Glenside, the designers at Home By Raiya stand to be the best. Providing the best design and remodeling services that are meant to be top notch, provide a standard look and feel to the place and bring comfort to the ones who live in as well as drag the attention of the ones who visit.

There are different types of interior design services available at Home By Raiya, namely:

Interior Design Services

Home Remodeling Services

Kitchen & Bathroom Design

Kitchen Cabinet Design

Kitchen & Bathroom Design Services – Experience Luxury 

Kitchen design services can help you create a beautiful, functional kitchen that meets your needs. Kitchen design services can help you determine the best layout, optimize your space, and choose the right materials and finishes, so that your kitchen is a comfortable and inviting space to cook and entertain. Services may include: 

  • Space planning and layout design 
  • Cabinet and countertop selection 
  • Appliance selection and placement 
  • Lighting design 
  • Flooring selection 
  • Design of custom cabinetry 
  • Color and finish selection 
  • Installation and project management 
  • Budgeting and cost estimating 
  • Design of furniture and accessories 
  • Design of custom countertops 
  • Design of backsplashes 
  • Design of built-in storage solutions 
  • Design of custom islands and bars 
  • Design of specialty storage solutions
  • Design of custom shelving and cabinetry

Bathroom design services involve helping you create a plan for your bathroom, which includes selecting amenities, materials, and fixtures; determining the layout; and developing a budget. Depending on the scope of your project, services may include: 

  • Space planning and layout design 
  • Material selection (tile, cabinetry, countertops, etc.) 
  • Plumbing fixture selection 
  • Lighting design 
  • Electrical planning 
  • Ventilation design 
  • Accessibility considerations 
  • Shower and bath design 
  • Vanities and cabinetry design 
  • Wall treatments 
  • Finishes and accessories selection 
  • Custom design of fixtures and furniture

When looking to hire home design & remodeling services in Glenside to get a luxurious home designed & brought to life, there is no better option than choosing Home By Raiya. The designers work with specific ethics to provide a top-notch service and stay connected with the clients throughout the design and build process.

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